Monday, May 20, 2013

1 Year Old Already!?

I can't believe our sweet Kira is already 1!  The memories of her birth are still so vivid to me, every detail clear in my mind.  I can safely say there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about how grateful I am for our precious angel.  She went through a lot to get here and has had a rough first year.  She and I are both lucky to still be here with our family.

We had a hawaiian birthday party for Miss Jo with family and some friends.  My teacher, who was there when my water broke, even came.  She calls Kira "her girl" and came to her blessing as well.  I've been told she refers to Kira as her grand baby now, which I think is so cute since she doesn't have any of her own.

Happy birthday my beautiful girl!  We're so glad you're in our family and were privileged to stay with us!  We love you!

Kira and Aunt Melissa

Delicious pina colada cake and an ice cream bar (with Mom's famous homemade carmel topping--thanks Momma!)

Grandma Cindy and Kira

Carley with her cute friend, Bianca

I'm so glad we caught this picture!  Kira makes this face when she's really excited about something.  I'm assuming she spotted the balloons!  :)

Just getting started on her hawaiian cake

She needed no prodding to dig in


Finally deciding she's done

Not a huge fan of being wiped down with ice cold water on a windy day :(

My sweet baby

Kira and "Grandma Deb"

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  1. Adorable pictures Andrew and Chels. That party was much fun. That picture of Kira being cleaned off looks like you're trying to take her whole face off instead of just the frosting. JK!!
    I am so in love with my grandbaby's. What a blessing to be able to watch them grow and do so many new things everyday. Love you all so much :O)
    Mom :O)